MEET Michele Davies: Designer, Decorator, Practice Manager and Resident Artist of Silas Street Dental in East Fremantle, Perth. Oh, and Mich is also Mark’s wife and the adoring mother and grandmother-of-three!

Michele at Reception (Mich @ Reception)

Michele is responsible for the creative, innovative design and decor of the dental clinic in East Fremantle, along with its smooth running, compliance and ongoing accreditation. Mich works as the Practice Manager but collects shells and driftwood in her spare time, from which she fashions the interesting and unique mobiles that adorn the dental practice and delight many of the happy patients.

How long have you been working as Practice Manager (P.M.) with your husband Mark Davies as the Principal Dentist?

MD: Ever since moving to Perth permanently in 2001, so . . . 16 years.

What are the greatest challenges you face in your position of P.M. at Silas St Dental?

MD: Keeping up-to-date with all the latest technological advances, which means Excel spreadsheets, dental software, legal and clinical guidelines, Dental Practice Accreditation & their regular reviews etc. (Yikes!)

(Accreditation Certificate pic)                                                      (Accreditation Certificate pic)

What brings you most joy in your work life?

MD: That would definitely be hearing patients’ positive reactions to, and fascination with, the beach mobiles I have made along with the local artwork we have hanging and the interesting music selection playing at reception. The comments we hear regarding the design and layout of our Surgery are always gratifying; it is wonderful that so many people really appreciate the different, fresh, relaxing atmosphere we create for them at our dental clinic in East Fremantle.

(^^ ‘Cam-affe’; ‘Underwater Duck’; & ‘Love Unicorn’ mobiles)

What do you like most about working at the surgery in East Fremantle?

MD: Oh, there are so many things - how do I choose?
I love the relaxing, artistic, creative, out-of-the-ordinary space and decor with its sea ‘n surf theme.
I love the fact that we diffuse pure essential oils in each surgery and at Reception throughout the day, creating fresh, uplifting aromas that also protect against airborne viruses and bacteria as well as inspire peace and well-being.
I love the local East Fremantle area in which it is situated - great local residents and local businesses such as Silas St. Physio + Pilates, East Fremantle Pharmacist Advice, East Fremantle Medical Centre, FoodWorks Supermarket, NewsXpress, Bliss Richmond Quarter, ScissorArt (alongside many more) which make the area really diverse and vibrant.

What is your greatest work achievement?

Managing an immensely busy, professional practice whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I feel I have finally achieved that this year, mostly due to the wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to continually providing our patients with the very best of care whilst also supporting and encouraging one another, too. They are all such lovely people - from El and Kay on Reception, to Lee, Emilee and Hope who assist in the surgeries. Their smiling faces and helpful hearts are always a welcome sight and having their loyal support makes all the difference to the two dentists, the rest of the staff and all the patients.

So, any hobbies . . . ?

Oh, yes plenty!

I love being at home relaxing with Mark, taking pictures of the sunsets from my balcony, shell scavenging and beach combing - they inspire me to create some interesting mobiles that I hang around the Dental Surgery and our home nearby. I feel grounded and balanced when in constant touch with the beauties of nature. Moreover, being creative makes me a better person. I also sew and do many crafty things as well as turning my hand to writing some heartfelt poetry, which I would one day like to publish.



(^^sunsets, seascapes, shells etc.)

Who is your favourite artist?

Leonard Cohen for music, Vincent Van Gogh for painting, E.E. Cummings for poetry. As most true artists do, they all looked, saw and felt more deeply than most of their peers, recording this depth and insight into their chosen art form with a sensitivity, humour and irreverence that I find most captivating.

What do you think defines you as a person?

I am a firm believer that both the pains and joys of our lives define and refine character. I have no compunction about breaking from the norm, and never have had. I have seldom held the same rote values, nor followed the same generic fashions as the rest of the mob. I like to question and look at things from a different angle, make sure they are true and right for me. It is a wonderful and beautiful thing to explore the truth and ‘real-ness’ of yourself, to try to walk that in every aspect of your life, to allow it to shine its own liberating light in your life.

What brings you the most joy in your life?

That would definitely be spending time with my gorgeous three grandchildren - two boys and one girl - who constantly inspire and challenge me, reminding me of the innocence and simplicity often lost with maturity. They are a source of wonder and abiding acceptance; the sure proof that nothing remains static - least of all them, with their boundless energy and curiosity!

(^^2 ‘grandies’ playing on the beach)(^^2 ‘grandies’ playing on the beach)