What are wisdom teeth?

Do I need my wisdom teeth removed

Wisdom teeth are the third molars at the back of the mouth, that typically erupt in your late teens to early 20’s. You may have anywhere between one and four wisdom teeth erupt during this time, or otherwise none at all.

It’s thought that humans as a species have evolved over time for these wisdom teeth to become unnecessary. After all, most of us no longer consume a diet of leaves, seeds, nuts and roots as the early humans did. So, if you don’t have wisdom teeth at all, it could be a sign that you’re highly evolved!

Why are wisdom teeth problematic?

Wisdom teeth can develop over a number of years, and may never cause any pain or problems. However, if you do experience pain, it is typically for one of two reasons.


This is where there's a lack of space at the back of the jaw for the wisdom tooth to erupt from the gum properly. It becomes impacted and pushes into adjacent teeth, causing discomfort or pain.

Partial eruption

Wisdom teeth that only partially erupt from the gum can cause a small pocket to form in the gum, attract infections and become inflamed and painful. Especially when the area isn’t able to be cleaned properly and bacteria accumulates.

Other reasons why wisdom teeth may need to be removed is due to over eruption, where the tooth grows too long, causing irritation or damage to the inside of the mouth. Alternatively, we may also recommend removal as preparation for orthodontics or jaw surgery.

Wisdom teeth removal procedure

If you think you need your wisdom teeth removed, we’ll sit down with you to examine your mouth, and take x-rays to check the tooth roots under the gums and determine how complex the extraction may be*.

For simple extractions, we may remove your wisdom tooth under a local anaesthesia in the chair. For more complex extractions, or if you have multiple wisdom teeth to be removed, we may refer you to a trusted clinic within our practice network, EVP Dental in East Victoria Park.

Referrals to Dr David Norcross at EVP Dental

Here at Silas Street Dental, we want to ensure you’re in the best of care when it comes to dental treatment. That’s why we entrust network dentist, Dr Dave Norcross of EVP Dental in East Victoria Park to treat you for wisdom teeth removal.

Dr Norcross performs hundreds of wisdom tooth extractions each year for patients across Perth, including patients of Silas Street Dental.

If you’re referred onto EVP Dental, and you’d like to learn more about Dr Norcross and his team, you can read about them here: www.evpdental.com.au

What if I don’t have wisdom teeth pain?

Wisdom teeth are as unique as you are and can erupt in many different positions. If your wisdom teeth are buried far underneath the gums, they might not cause any issues. Otherwise, if there's plenty of room for your wisdom teeth to grow normally and you can keep them clean, you probably don't need them removed.

Booking a consultation is the only way to check that your wisdom teeth are developing normally. Alternatively, if you're in pain, please call us on (08) 9339 5047 or on (08) 9339 5796.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.